Hot Wheels Saving the day?


Maybe this will convince my wife to stop nagging me about yoyos. I could be doing this sort of thing instead:



Dang that’s crazy is that all one track I wonder or did the take part down half way through.

Nice house too.


Hey Chris, thanks for posting that. That was all kinds of fun!

My little brother was really into Hot Wheels when he was just a little kid. He must of had over 100 little cars in his collection. He would line them all up on the living room floor and it would make a couple of rows back and forth from wall to wall. He had a very exhaustive mental inventory of each one too. We would try to sneak one out of the line and he’d say; “Hey! Who took my purple Trans Am? It was right here.” (He’s 42 now and I caught him looking at Hot Wheels at a Wal*Mart a couple years back so I guess he’s still into 'em. I sure can’t say anything with all the throwing toys I have in my possession.) He and I used to spend an hour or so building tracks but we never had any of those boosters to regenerate the car like this. Gotta be honest, kinda made me wanna try building cool tracks again.

That was really cool, thanks.

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Oh my gosh that was awesome. Thanks for sharing.

I used to really be into Hot wheels and I used to build all kinds of weird tracks. Nothing at all to that extent. That was amazing.

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I was more into making jumps. You’d have to duct tape the track or otherwise fasten it to the ground so it wouldn’t shake when you launch the car with a rubber band. I think the longest jump I got to successfully land was something like 50 ft (EDIT: Yup. Checked with my brother; 50 ft). Granted, the funnel we were aiming towards was still like 2 feet across.


WOW just WOW. but I wonder how much did they spent to build that


Was wondering that myself.

Very cool!


I’d like 4 minutes of my life back.