hot glue rocks

hot glue rocks i put it on my pgm and it was more un-response then the k pads

i recomend this to a lot of people how like a un responsive yoyo

I don’t think doing that’s a good idea.

First, no rocks are the same, and you could get vibe if the weights aren’t equal. Second, the hot glue will also add weight, making it even more inconsistent.

A better alternative would be to use sticky tack or some clay. Then you can balance out the weight even better.

Are you kidding about the rocks thing? He was saying that it works well, not that he was using rocks for the response.

I never said it was for response. I thought that he was saying it was for adding some weight, thus making it less responsive. Or maybe i was mistaken?

he was saying that he added hot glue in place of the k pads, and it “rocks” as a replacement. he used no literal rocks, just hot glue.

Hot glue is pretty known as a response system. And this whole thread has turned into a mess.

Shoot. Sorry, I couldn’t understand the post. I said what I thought, and that’s it.

I guess I’ll try this hot glue thing out on some Duncans.

Does it give decent binds? I cant find flowable silicone ANY where here… I ask at the hardware stores and their like what?

I’m having a hard time putting it on my Duncans. I tried it on my DM because of its recess, but it just made it more responsive.

well you probably need to play it for a while and let it break in.
make sure it is not in the bearing seat, and if it is recessed it will be less responsive.

i have tried it before and it gave good tight binds.

Just to show you guy’s what punctuation does for a sentance I will fix his post with it.

Hot glue rocks! I put it on m pgm and it was more unresponsive than the k pads.

Now do you see why we take english in school? Trust me it really helps.

Oh and I fixed a few words too.

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Hey, it’s ok. It happens.