hot glue response on a mosquito

ok, u take off the cruddy stickers, put some hot glue on, then shave it flush with an exacto, makes it semi responsive
soo awsome sleep times, but still u can pul it back up :slight_smile:
warning:dont do this to any semi expensive yoyo, u can mess it up

also make shure to not get any near the screw or in the part were it screws in, just were the stickers were

good luck young padiwan ??? ??? ???

wow, after like prob 10 min of playing, it becomes unresponsive, and is awsome, u just gota wear it in

if u want responsive, u can shave it just above flush ;D

If you do it on a metal, it’ll come out. Not too hard to do. Can’t really mess it up, so feel free to try to do it with your metals.

From what I hear hot glue works very well as a response

Nice Idea.
Maybe you can try elmers rubber blue…

I use this in my FHZ’s.

You guy’s realize that he’s not recessing the mosquito right? Thats gonna cause you bearing problems later on.

that’s why i put in those square bandagess instead. it works pretty unresponsive too