Hot for Yo-Yo

I just finished painting my FHZ. This was my first yo-yo paint job, and I’m quite happy with the results. Well, here it is, my Eddie Van Halen FHZ:

Nice! especially for a first paint job, I’m impressed.

it looks awesome ;D ;D ;D

Sweet, I got the Guitar Hero Van Halen for Christmas.

Dude, totally sick! did you tape off the silver “FHZ” and paint overtop or are you just super incredible at fine line painting? I’m thinking the latter haha :D. Awesome job!

Wow that is EPIC!

Nice! I’ve been jones’n to paint up a FHZ for a couple of weeks now. Great Job! Can’t wait to play with the paints!

How much do you want for it?

Thanks for the nice comments guys!

Yeah, there was no tape involved. It took a while, though, because I was being really careful about making the lines perfectly straight.

Sorry, I don’t plan on getting rid of this any time soon.

Koodos man, double thumbs up! ;D


Thats a pretty sick yoyo. I love Van Halen. Kudos ;D

:o Wow, thats amazing.

How long did it take you to paint it.