Adam's Creative Corner

This is going to be my thread for my art I do about yoyos; cartoons, drawings, paintings, photos, painted yoyos just anything. I’m not going to overload you guys on this first post but I do have quite a stock of yoyo related art already that I haven’t posted here. So I’m going to take it slow prehaps one thing a week, well in a few days I am going on vacation so this first one will linger for a while.

So please enjoy my work and comment on it, that’s all it is made for…your enjoyment and my fun that I have while making it and also my enjoyment. 8)

First up my most recent two art subjects, painted zeros.

These are painted by me, from left to right: A throwback FHZ painted to resemble the FH1, this is dual siliconed with the sticker lip removed (done by RiceRocket) and then my Large Bearing, Sonic the Hedgehog painted FHZ (Also modded by RiceRocket). And before the Sonic Zero was painted it was already painted orange and I removed all I could (about 99% of the paint).

The rings go all around the body of the halves on the Sonic, if you want more views of either of them just ask.

nice looking zeros.
were you painted it on the inside or the outside of the cap?


Thanks, and yeah all my painted yoyos are painted on the inside so the paint wont scratch off. I also take the little circle thing from the middle of the friction stickers (Duncan ones when you buy the pack) where they would go around the bearing. I put that little circle of friction sticker over the axle and nut posts on the inside so I don’t scratch the paint if I have to remove the caps.

Yeah that’s how I usually do it but if I don’t have a knife on me at the time I like to protect the caps, also like to keep the axle and nut from hitting the caps as much as possible when I unscrew the yoyo. It’s kind of a mute point but I’m a little over protective haha

Alright I am back from vacation and I am going to start updating with my past yoyo arts.

Here is my Throwback FHZ, a FHZ painted to resemble the old FH1s it has also been dual siliconed and had its sticker lip removed.

that look sweet man, have you ever tried to paint a mario themed yoyo. I"ve seen a chain chomp fhz that looked pretty cool. I bet a scene from the old school mario spaning across the caps would look awesome!