So what exactly is horizontal? How much does it have to be tilted to be considered horizontal? Because I decided to try it, I threw at a 45 degree angle and I was able to do slacks and even a Brent stole, so I don’t think I’m doing it right because it seems pretty easy.

Might want to see this and then see if your doing it right this is what I learned from.

try and get close to 90 degrees

The closer the yoyo is to horizontal with the ground, the harder play is, getting harder exponentially with each degree rotated.

So, a trick done at 15 degrees really isn’t that much harder than a trick thrown perpendicular to the ground, but a trick at 90 degrees is really quite difficult.

There is no clear definition of horizontal play that judges use - just the harder the horizontal makes the trick, the higher it scores.

It helps to bend backwards as you get closer to 90 degrees.

Horizontal means horizontal. Reflexive property of common sense