Brandon Merrill



So do you always use the string you make? Nice video.

(JB) #4

Awesome vid


Not always, but I try to.



Any comments, criticisms, etc. :wink:




you have a really cool style! if you got your tricks a little smoother you would be great


Thanks! I had basically invented those tricks that week, so they weren’t mastered, and they still aren’t. I appreciate your comment!


Pretty good like he said just work on your flow a bit and you will be golden, but pretty good tricks especially that first one I always like flashy tricks like that so nice job on the vid keep them coming.


Thank you.


Great vid but I feel if you’re going to be ft. the horizon some finger spins would have been nice.

I bet I’t a great yoyo regardless but thats what it’s known for and I was a little let down when I saw none. Still the trick you had were impressive.


I did do some fingerspins, but when I was editing, I could’t find the footage. :frowning: