horizon and cypher bearings

FiguredHalfAnybody Try Getting The Bearings Out Of A Horizon Or A Cypher Yyf Throws? I Have Both Brand New THrows. Got A Knot In One Of Them And Tried To Take The HaLfs Apart, That’s When I Noticed A Problem. Needed To Just About Force The Two Halfs Apart. So I Checked The Bearing And Couldn’t Budge It. Figured It Was Better To Leave Well Enough Alone And Just Play It. Checked The Other New Yo And It Was The Same WaY. My Older Ckm84vk Is Not Like This At All.

What’s Going On?

The funny thing is, for this very same reason the YYF CT bearing is one of the very few bearings with a full 6.35mm ID, if my uncalibrated caliper doesnt lie. Most other bearings have ID ranging from 6.3 to 6.33, with 6.32 being the most common.

That would mean that the center hub of the throw that the inner race of the bearing sits in is to big in diameter. I have the means and the ability to fix this, but how many others do?

Some yo-yos just have a really tight bearing seat, an easy fix is to just sand it down a little with some sand paper.

YYF work on VERY tight tolerances to avoid vibration and it makes the seats tight - I destroyed the bearing AND my bearing removal tool on my Worlds Cypher taking out the bearing but YYF were very good about it and sent me a few replacement bearings, pads, and tools.

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