hooks help

Im having a hard time finding any tuts on hooks past hidemasa’s hook, im trying to get down 1.5 and further but i think my hand positioning is off. You guys got any ideas? or things that would help?

Also looking for more tricks like hook, brent stole etc etc
Also tower lacs or similar

Thanks in advance

These tricks have to be self learned.
Watch it in super slow-mo and you will get it eventually.

Remember, when getting 1.5 hook, you really want your follow through, and you really want to stick in your left hand finger slightly delayed after your whip when you are learning. As you get more consistent, start sticking your finger in earlier and earlier until you got a solid hook.

For Iwasawa hook, you won’t find it on that video, you really just hook hard, and let the back string hit you like a brent stole, but don’t bring your hand forward, and let the full hook come around again, and let it hit the yoyo. Just pratice.

One more tip, don’t just hook hard, you really need to make a full circle motion. If you watch that video, his hooks are very solid, and he always makes a full circle.

Thanks! though i landed hook 1.5 once but cant get it again lol

Also weird thing happened last night…i ws just messin around to see how much slack i could get around my finger and i ended up in a weird looking hook/brent stole hook in front then brent stole right behind it. Any ideas?

Iwasawa brent stole? I don’t know.

lol Remember the delay. for 1.5 hook, its not like hook. When you are learning it, leave some delay before you stick your finger in, so that the hook can fly around. As you get better, lessen the delay. Remember not to just whip downwards, you have to whip in a full circle, and really make that follow through.

Andre Brent Stole? Sedllo Brent Stole? lol i claim it as my own haha now jus to figure out how to do it again :smiley:

And ok ill keep to it

Thanks for all the advice