Hook Help

I’m having a little trouble with Aundry’s hook trick. I belive i understand the how to hook I just can’t do it fast enough. I try exagerating the motion and a small quick motion and every thing in between. Plus my hook loop doesn’t even extend past the bottom of my wrist. I could really use some help.

  1. Keep the yoyo as close to the hand as possible
  2. Exaggerate!! Stright left/right. no forward/back motion at all!!
  3. Make a fairly large circular motion with the TH
  4. The string doesn’t have to go over your wrist. i find it easier for both ends of the slack to go around the pointer finger.
    6)uhmmm…Beef…Stew. (sorry, i think my imagination is broked)

Err. Thanks. But it turns out it was actuall the string. I was using a new string on my dark magic but then I tried it with my maverick (used poly string) and i got it on my first try. Huh. Funny.

I’ve noticed that some string works better than others. I’m sure that’s obvious to the more experienced players, but to me, it took some trial and error to figure out. To me, at least, heavier string swings around easier than lighter string, as in it takes less force to get it up and over. Congrats on the hook. It’s a fun little trick.

Yay!!! my awsome artwork time!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

What the…!

is that a good response or a bad response?

How about afraid. :o

but did you get it

Did you not read this. I got the trick. And if you mean if i got the picture… yes but it wasn’t addressing the problem.