After 2 days of filming, this is what I came up with. Thanks for all the inspiration and helping me get this far in yoyoing. But im not doing any where close to my best tricks in this. Just a vid of me having some fun with 1A and 4A. Enjoy!
YoYos Used: YYF Starlite and Yomega XodusII
-Cody Wright


Cool stuff. The rap music makes me a sad panda.

Thanks. And I audio switched the music, so it should have different music within the next 10 minutes. :wink:

Nice video. I like how your just having fun in the video, and nothing serious. Good job!

Thanks Man. Yeah, serious videos are just not my thing unless I do like a just 1 throw video. Like my “Super Combo” Series. :wink:

i like the level of fun in that video :slight_smile: makes me happy to see that in videos… but wow the music is awful, doesnt go with the level of awesome in the video.

Hahaha im not so big on the music either, but I spent like an hour trying to choose a good song to use, when finally I just chose one. :smiley:

I might have to start doing some 4a again. Cody, are you competing in 4a at the Ohio State Contest if they have it?

Possibly, but I dont think im goof enough at 4A yet.