Home-made counterweights

Is that a 20 sided? The sides look a little too big… I’ve wanted to do up a whole set of DnD dice though… I think it would be awesome but I dont think I need seven counter weights

i used my old string to make wasp nests. :smiley:
with me doing that i could make the weight however much i wanted it to be.
it worked better than i thought.

I use metal i cut. most of them look cool ;D

d12 I believe.

The most un-used dice in D&D! YAY

That Pikachu is in pain.

Me too.

I use two blue die for my counterweight. Just drilled the holes in them and they work fine.

i use a mighty flea!! ;D

I use a blastoise Pencil top action figure because ther’s already a pre-cut hole in it.

Get some blue tack and make a hole in it with a pencil.

Worked for me!

I use a Mighty Flea. ;D

That wouldnt work at all, the mighty flea is so heavy

painted this today

that looks awesome tyler

Hi, I was just wondering if any of you guys have ever made counterweights by drilling a hole in a die

Thats one of the oldest homemade counterweights ever.

it works fine make sure you make a good size hole

Make sure you make the hole straight too. Although, even if it is not perfectly straight, I am sure it will do the job. ;D

What’s also cool is getting a bouncy ball and doing the same thing.