HM bearing has no balls

Okay, so heres my stupid story. I was happily throwing my hitman. I guess everybody has accidents sometimes, and i accidentally whacked my hitman really hard on the floor. It started wobbling, and i took it back to my hand. I started staring it in a slightly mentally depressed state, because i dented it!!!

It took like a hundred dollars to get to singapore, and I dented it! But that was kinda predictable. After i finally got over it in like an hour, i realized that the yoyo got real noisy. The bearing was screaming like a banshee, and i opened it and saw that my bearing shield was out of place. I tried to stuff it back in, but it didn’t fit bcause the c-clip was missing :open_mouth: Then, I looked at it (lol), and saw that the inside of the bearing had no balls WTCOMDBBQKFC!!! O.O

Instead of balls, it had a nut with stubs sticking out of it which could still spin though. Broken in, it spun just about as well as a new dm.

So, I’m just wondering if all yyj’s don’t have balls, but nuts with stubs?

i really have no idea what your talking about but yes my dm has balls in the bearing.

Sounds like some carnage. Got pics?

Yes–Most YYJ bearings come like that, that is, if I am talking about what you are talking about.

Give us some pics first.

Have Fun Throwing,

Not the clearest pictures in the world, but you can see there aren’t clearly any balls?

Yes, that is perfectly normal. The otherside has the cage, and the balls are under it. That is how several of my bearings are, and that is the way duncan bearings are too.

Have Fun Throwing,


I can’t really tell from the picture but I think if you remove that part, you’ll see it.

yeah the balls are on the other side

oh okay, so im on the wrong side o.0?

yeah, desheild the other side and you will see the balls, what you see on the side w/o the balls is the bracket that holds them in place