Hitman with 5a


Just wondering if its possible for one lol.
And 2 just wondering how it plays good/bad choice. ???


Its posible without a doubt. I’m sure it wouldn’t be a bad choice. If you already have one, try it out.


Any 1a is good for 5a. Try different yoyo and see wich ones you like most for 5a. It is really preference.

(laxdude99) #4

Yes it is great in fact former 5a national champ Shane karan always uses his hit man for 5a

(Mi) #5

You can use any yoyo for 5A you just need to put something with a hole in it on the other end of the string.
It seems like pretty common sense to me, why can’t people understand this?


Thanks everyone for all the help I was just wondering how it would play since the double o rings.

(laxdude99) #7

It should play great have fun with your hitman


i have a dark magic and its kinda grabby with the o-ring but i still like to play 5a with it