Hipster Whips Tutorial?

I’ve seen Alexis JV’s tutorial, but it was difficult to follow because he’s left handed.

Are there any others out there?

how is the tutorial hard to follow? it seems pretty easy and he even gives you steps explaining what to do. Just because he is left handed doesn’t mean it is hard for a right handed player to learn. I am left handed and everything I learned are from videos of right handed players. You can do it, just watch the video and try it for yourself.

It’s actually way easier to learn tricks from someone who is opposite-handed from you - otherwise you have to mentally flip everything - your right is the screen’s left.

If you’re right-handed and the tutorial’s left-handed, you can just mirror what you see. Admittedly, some of the camera angles for his front-style stuff make this harder, but just use the front-view stuff.

That said, unfortunately, I don’t know of any other tutorials.

Download video using any YT downloader site, open in VLC, MPlayerX or other video program, flip/mirror video, ta-da!

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That’s normally true, but when it shows the behind-the-back view of him doing the trick, it further confuses me :stuck_out_tongue: