High End Stuff

So,tell me all the really High-End things that you guys think are worth the price-till 250 $.

I’m not sure this is high end but the yoyofactory 9 dragons. It’s 75

CLYW Igloo, Blizzard, Bonfire are really worth it IMO.

Anything CLYW or Yoyorecreation or Onedrop

Well I think everyone should own a: Mg,Bape,sovereign,Magnum, and B.S.P.
Those are some of my favorite throws worth a buck or two. I’m more partial to magnesium than Ti though.

i think ill get a palpitation :smiley:

You want to grab an Edge, and Anubis if it’s doable. They play amazing! I just bought that Anubis for the way it looks, but wow, what a pleasant surprise that it plays fantastic too. It blew me away. Edge plays great too, and worth every penny.

The list is super long for a question like this. There are also a lot of budget throws that play just as well as some high ends. When I buy a budget yo-yo that plays fantastic, or a high end yo-yo that is a bit less than what I expected, overall things tend to balance out. If it’s a yo-yo, and it’s received as described, I’m cool with it.

Here’s a short list: Titanium Dream, any Genesis, Turntable, VKss, Gnarwhal 2, BVM2, Orca, Berserker ss, Nightmare, Aviator 2, Anglam 2, and the beat goes on.

Just get the best yoyo, the Draupnir.


Vosun TiMe - probably the cheapest titanium, really nice yoyo, probably my favorite titanium!

If your only interested in high end yoyos because you think you need one to get better. that’s not true. Yes, they feel amazing to have. But its not really needed. Saying that. I would recommend the Ti Dream from YYF.