High End Metals....Crazy Prices


I’ve priced these the way I have because I just want the cash without a lot of hassle, it does not reflect on the condition of the yoyos or any other part of the sale. Hopefully 5 people will think these are as good a deal as I think they are.

…and apparently they did, all gone!

Turning Point Positron. Mint w/pouch. Champagne anno. SOLD

Code 2 “Shutterfly”. Mint w/ box. Awesome colorway. SOLD

VSNYYC Skywalker “Yo-duh” second run. Really minty w/box and even original unplayed string. Does have a little vibe. I think that’s actually a pretty common issue with these, but either way. It’s totally playable vibe and I love it. SOLD

MonkeyFinger Evil Yo. Mint w/box. YYE edition colorway. SOLD

Madhouse Compulsion. Mint w/box and Twisted String plastic case w/lots of string. SOLD

VSNYYC 28 stories Battosai. SOLD