Hidemasa hook

Well, I can land it perfectly sometimes, but some land in different way, sometimes I land it in a normal roll to dismount and after that the string will be dismounted away of your body instead of towards to your body, Is it normal?

And sometimes I land it like a hook, but after you roll (Dismount part), In forms a green triangle, But I think it lands that way because sometimes my throwhand is going forward while my non throwhand acting to land a hook. ↓

But this is not the thing that I mean. :slight_smile:

The thing you posted is a Brent Stole, and you’re right about moving your hand forward that causes that GT.  Just practice the whip and get it really fluent.  FRomt here everything will be really easy.

I think he posted that just to give a vague illustration. What’s happening is the hook whipping motion is made, but when dismounting, the string is wrapped/knotted like a green triangle. The problem is that when the string is whipped around, it’s twisting before landing in the gap, so when that string hits the gap, it lands on what is regularly the back string , which creates that green triangle twist when it’s rolled out to dismount. You can fix this by ensuring good string tension and making the exact same whipping motion as a reverse version of the Trapeze Whip in the Learn section. If you know that trick, hidemasa hook is essentially the exact same trick, you’re just not holding the string with your non-throwhand