Hidemasa Hook

(Zach Smith) #1

I’m having some trouble with it. Any helpful words of advice?


You’re not trying to aim the slack at your yoyo, aim at your finger. That is very important.Whip hard. Thats all the advice i can give.

(J. Lev) #3

Have you seen this?


Basically, whip the yoyo upwards. The loop goes under your freehand and comes over, hooking onto the yoyo.

(JonasK) #4

Remember that you are whipping to segments of string (or one loop) around your pointer. The problem I had when I was learnng this, was that I aimed towards the tip of my pointer. I ended up catching only hlaf of that loop. Which means that only one of the two segments actually hit my finger.

Addment: I am now whipping towards the base of my pointer and I have gotten consecutive.



this helped me!