Hidemasa Hook question

I’m in the awkward hitting-the-trick-sometimes phase of what I hope will be a progression towards casual mastery of this cool element. I see that some of my hits result in slightly different string arrangements that have implications for what happens with the counter clockwise rollout to trapeze. In some cases the yoyo rolls out to a gorilla trapeze and in others it rolls out into the bindable wrap around the bearing the way the videos demonstrate. I figured out why. It depends on which half of the yoyo the the slack U-loop grabs. If the U-loop grabs the half closest to the thrower, the rollout results in the bind wrap from the videos. So, here’s the question: are both variations legitimate Hidemasa Hooks? Or to does the U-loop have to grab the inside half for the move to merit the name Hidemasa Hook?

I think only the one resulting in the bind wrap is legitimate, but I’m not to sure.


Just aim the loop toward the inside(between yourself and the yo-yo) and try to hit your finger while following the yo-yo. Since half the loop is connected to the yo-yo, it’ll catch the inside half pretty much automatically.

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Are you accidentally doing brent stole? It’s the same motion as hook except you miss the string farthest from you

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