Hidden Eel Tricks

what should I change the Slippery Eel stuff to?

I want to keep the first trick as “Eel” cuz it’s like an eel sticking a head out of it’s hole, then it comes out of the hole and then sucks right back in. Like an eel would.

the moray eel hidden eel

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You can probably keep the names if you want. I know that Steve Brown and Will Kerzic have created their own tricks in the Slippery Eel style, but I haven’t found any trick names, except the trick “The Slippery Eel”. “The Slippery Eel” is basically a Leg Wrap Trap where you let go of the string and catch it when it comes around. I wish Steve Brown would drop some of his wisdom here, but until that happens, I would just call the tricks whatever you want. They are very similar, but not the same because of the swivel, imo.

SA, Slippery eel,
Some names for the style SA for Swivel 1 A

[s]lulz. That’s fine if they’re already used. Just gotta think of a dif name and I’ll change the vid name. Eel sounded so nice doe… if fits perfectly cuz it’s like… an eel coming out of it’s hole (the swivel) and then it sucks back in.

Their’s is like a snake or something lol…

But, alas, they have the names secured. So we shall be respectful and think of something else.[/s]

That’s it!

Hidden Eel.

Crouching Noodler, Hidden Eel

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Bugsy style. Like bugs bunny in his hole.

I just found out a cool thing you can do with the hidden eel!
Go into a trapize, then put your thumb inside it along with your index finger. Take your NTH index and thumb and pinch the hidden eel and pull it through the trapize. You are now in a SkyHigh Triangle. To get out, just drop the eel. Now, do a suicide with the triangle, and put your finger in the triangle. You will be in a trapize. If you grab the eel on the suicide, then you will be in the SkyHigh Triangle again. I love suicides!

What do you think about, throwing the Eel?

Holy crap, that’s awesome. Doing the triangle + suicide and catching the eel. You should name that.

And I’m loving it. I love how I can practice my 1a, then jam with some funky weird Eel tricks on the whim. I also love when people like you post your tricks! Keep it coming

Just thought of another. Pull out the Eel, then rotate the yoyo around in a clockwise manner, hitting the string causing it to whip around. when it whipps around, catch the Eel. Again, i love suicides. even though i am not to good at them, i can make up some really awesome ones! i am up to 6 different ways.

the one you just said is like an upside down Hidden Eel Suicide. Hehe. Check the first/second page for some videos of some of the basic pre-established tricks. Then start recording the ones you make!

Again, if you’d like to name the triangle suicide you can!

Magic eel! I do not have a youtube account, and don’t have a camera.

He is probably in reference and saying “Swivel Assisted Slippery Eel”.

I simply cannot wrap my head around this to understand these tricks, but applaud creativity.

However, I can say that I have never in all 15 years of my yoyoing career have I seen a style like this.

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Ohh! That totally makes sense now haha! Thanks Zammy! (Am I allowed to call you that?)

Thanks for applauding our creativity! It means something coming from you. :slight_smile:


Set up my swivel today! It’s hilariously good fun doing the first few basic tricks (the GT ‘n’ trapeze ‘n’ stuff).

Did you see the pictorial I made?? Nobody seemed to notice yet

Yup, I did. That’s what inspired me to just g’head and set it up.

I was messing around with my cliff making up new tricks with the swivel an suddenly. WAM! My cliff at the top of my throw had release from the swivel and flew across the room. By some miracle though it landed in a baseball glove :slight_smile:

Thanks for giving your input. It’s nice to hear from someone who has been involved with yoyoing that long.

I’m glad your Cliff is okay! :slight_smile: There is always the possibility of the knots coming undone, the swivel breaking, or string snapping. With regular 1A there is always a possibility of string snapping. With 5A, Moebius, or Slippery Eel there is always the possibility of dropping your yoyo. Like with other styles, this is just part of it. So please, use at your own risk. :wink:

So far I’ve put at least 12 hours into my string and swivel, and it is still holding up fine. Make sure your knots are very secure. I would also suggest others to use the same Eagle Claw size 12 swivels that SkyHighYo and I have been using. He has put at least 24 hours(probably more by now) of play into his string and swivel, and they have held up fine as well.

I thought of something. How bout 2 swivels with 2 slipknots ? O_o