Hida master hook


you know you’ve mastered it when…  :stuck_out_tongue:


i guess ive mastered it.


you know you’ve mastered it when your like my friend and can do consecutive hidemasa hooks without it hiting the end of the string its weird to explain i’d post a vid but i can’t do it but dude nice job


heres a TRUE mastery (although, i think you are VERY good and im not belittling you)

quintuple 5.0 hook :stuck_out_tongue:

(5 whips without touching your fingers, then, a hook that goes around your fingers 5 times before it hits the yoyo.)


pratice repeating hooks without dismount. it looks really cool

(M.DeV1) #6

this is my favorite trick right next to ballista.


thats awesome i have just mastered it. :wink:


I have landed a quint hook… not too easy though. :wink:


5.0 hook or 5whip to hidemassa?


Wow, I can only do quadruple hooks, double reverse hook, and double horizontal…but quintuple is way out of my league. Is there a trick to that or is it just practice and speed?

A quintuple hook is 5 whips, on the 5th you intercept the string and land in a hidemasa hook.