hey everybody mark here i just wanted to see what yoyos everyone has and how far you are in skill level…i have a kickside,speedbeetle,duncan butterfly…lol…free hand zero, legacy, dark magic, mini motrix, sunset trajectory, and an aqauirius…o yeh and a grind machine…and i am about expert(ish)…so yeh what about u guys?

Past this site.

I have

a 888, (my favorite yoyo)
DM, (my second favorite)
2 sunset trajectorys N.X.Gs,
2 Duncan Freehands,
2 Duncan imperials,
1 Proyo,
2 Proflys,
1 Yomega powerbrain,
and 1 Yomega fire ball

So, that is all my yoyos.

keep spinning