Here is a small combo I made

Sorry for the really crappy camera

Constructive cristicism is welcomed.

what do you call it?

not bad, but yeah… get a better camera.

seems really kwl but need a new camera :wink:

love the video but it seems like you just did a couple tricks one after another.

I agree. Instead of stringing together different tricks, break each trick down to individual moves. Then try making combos with those moves.

If you think about it, he did do a combo. Combo is short for combination and since he put at least 2 tricks together he technically combined them to make a combination. There are different ways to make a combo of course, like putting together different moves, but putting together different tricks is also a combo.


I don’t disagree with that. However, I think combos that are composed of element that complement each other works better than a combo that puts together entire tricks that feel awkward to do one after the other. That’s entirely my opinion; feel free to have your own.

Put in some music just to spice it up a bit!