a short combo video

so i filmed a combo i really like to see how it looks, and i thought i would just upload it :wink:
still new to yoyoing but i love this yoyo and i think it looks pretty sweet

Smooth an slick!
Just fix the 2 little parts that make your combo appear to stop, and then that’s gonna be a beautiful trick!

yeah… i know what you mean… messed up just a bit with those stops, got to work on those :wink: really appreciate the compliment :slight_smile:

Try doing a a flip or something during the, Spreading the trapeze part.
That way it can hide a mistake!

what exactly do you mean by “a flip” the strings are kind of twisted so i dont think there is to much i could do at that point without snagging the yoyo

like. swing it between your arms. No knot there haha!

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