Here a fun question...

I was asked the following:
If your life depended on you doing latter escape successfully on you first try, and you could only use either a mighty flea or a yyf flight (with the string on the bearing so it’s a 1a yoyo), which one would you use?

Neither, I would accept my fate and ask for a blindfold… I suck at ladder escape. ;D

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I would go with a YYF Flight since I’ve never used a Mighty Flea and I worry that would be harder. Ladder Escape with a Flight should be a cinch as long as you open the ladder mount enough to get the yoyo in at the very beginning of the trick.

True, but that beginning would be tough.

Mighty flea. I can pretty much do any trick I know on the flea aside from horizontal without too much difficulty. Biggest problem is the spin time but if I throw the yoyo hard enough, ladder escape shouldn’t be too bad. And I use a really short string regularly so I wouldn’t want to switch to a super long string to attempt ladder escape with a flight.