Well I just got my new Legacy so I can learn binding been looking at the videos and I believe I am doing it right but I just can’t seem to get the yoyo to return any suggestions any help is appreciated

try to do a fake bind
here is a tut

We gave you some advice in the chat room. Did you try that?

Also, please make the title relevent to the topic. “Need help binding” would be great.

posted this first before I went to chat room and yes I did try it and got it to return once thanks will keep practicing

that fake bind looks interesting will give that a try too will let you know how it works

First, next time please edit your post with the “modify post” button. Thanks.

Fake binds work by having string wrap around the bearing instead of the loop grabbing the response and bringing it back. No, that doesn’t mean you could do this with no response, but it does make binding easier for many people.

Well I would like to say thanks for the advice Apetrunk and it does help but what doesn’t help anyone is how you seem to like to critize how I post take some time and critize yourself before you critize others no one is perfect remember that I did not come here to get critized I just came for some help ??? but your advice was helpful and thank you and I will continue to post how I do critisism just makes people hostile when all they do is ask for help

I’m not an expert or anything, but from someone still learning how to naturally do a bind well, the Legacy is not the easiest yoyo to learn on imo. I know this is against the product description so I apologize. If you do learn easily on it, more power to you. I actually can’t do a fake bind on my Legacy, only a backspin bind. To me, fake binds work great on older yoyos - Yoyojams and also other brands… I think it’s because of the response system since the gap is not that big on the Legacy. There was word spreading on the net at some point that some Legacys shipped with plastic over the response that had to be removed - I’m not sure if that was BS or not, but I was convinced that there was some issue making binding harder with it. There was no plastic over my response though…

there was no plastic cover on mine but got it to come back a second time thanks to apetrunks advice I will definatly have to practice alot more and thank you was looking at a lynn fury also wonder if that would be easier to learn on :-\

I think either way you’ll get it man. Basically, I just wanted to say that I found it unusually hard to bind the Legacy despite the fact that it doesn’t have an enormous gap. You’re not alone! :slight_smile:

I wasn’t criticizing you in any way, just giving you some advice for next time.

Either yoyo should be fine for learning binds.

Well after reading some of the forums I ordered a lyn fury today with some thick lube hope I wasn’t wrong in buying the LF but from what I was reading I should learn binding alot easier on the LF more advice is greatly appreciated.If I keep it up I will soon own every YYJ LOL