Help With Split Bottom Mount

How do i stop the yoyo from hitting my knuckle as soon as i land it on the string, it losses all of it spin because it rides the string down into my knuckle could it be a non-wide yoyo?

maybe the yoyo you are using is hyper wrap wing. Its a brain yoyo. get a kickside or something to prevent it to stop hitting you ;D

As the yo-yo comes around your finger to land on the string bring you “free hand” closer to your “throw hand” in order to create some slack for the yo-yo to land on. Do this RIGHT as the yo-yo touches the string to that instead of hitting a tense string and touching your hand it will land on the string like your doing braintwister. Keep in mind that this mount will take some time to get right. But don’t give up!

P.S. - I practiced this trick with a Duncan Ballistic so i was using a similarly shaped yo-yo as yours so I don’t think it really matters much with beginning tricks. :smiley: But i would recommend getting a non-“brain” yo-yo… :-\

Happy Throwing!

WEll first of all, there are many topics exactly like this one previously discussed so you may want to try the search button. Another big thing like the others said get a new yoyo to help. Personally I would recommend the Velocity over all other beginner yoyos but that’s just me. you can also go for the Kickside or Lyn Fury.