Help with DM

After polishing the rimsof my DM and tried an arm grind the yoyo just jumped , jumped then jumped unlike before it grinds smoothly, do you think it’s because of the polishing?
Suggestions on making it smooth again?
Hmm. When I use cloth to wipe the rims, feels smoother than before but while grinding it’s not.
BTW this is what it looked like after I polished it.

i do believe its due to the polishing the rims.
its just the nature of polishing, because polishing will smoothen every rough edge an pores of the metal and make it totally flat. thus its like more part touching you skin, so its make a slick or so effect.

to make it better for grind, usually people just sand them off, but unfortunately that will remove the bling effect.
but if you use 1000 grit or so, the bling will still there, just not like mirror bling. :wink:

Any other ways besides sanding?
If I wear long sleeves do you think that’ll help.?

ah, yes, i forgot about that.
wearing glove or long sleeve will improve grinds.
because fabric has less friction factors to it i think.

Less friction factors like less oil, sweat and surface area due to the large holes in most fabrics compared to skin? I wonder which fabrics grind best? I would imagine that a more form fitting garment would give better control. I’m going to have to wear all spandex tomorrow. You know, for testing purposes.

I’ll trt too.

Haha that was funny. But very true. If you have any under armor kind of stuff, that’s probably some of the best kinds of stuff.

What do you meen by under armor apetrunk? I’ll try usingarm warmers.

Under Armour is a brand here in the States that is best known for their tight fitting moisture-wicking clothing. Your arm warmers are most likely of a similar material.

300 pound girl in UA…Image is burned into my mind

Under Armour+Grinds=AWESOME!