Help With A CAD Drawing?


The title is pretty explanatory - I’ve it made, however I’m extremely unsure about the weight it possesses. I use AutoCAD2013, and every time I use massprop, I get a number of around 20 for mass and volume. However there’s no units, and when I used the density of the material aluminum 6061, which is 2.7, I’d multiply it to the mass (20.1746), to get, what i am assuming the weight is, 54.47142.

IF that is the weight, it’s severely underweight, and not to mention, I am unsure if the properties of the object is even the aluminum, and I am not just putting it aesthetically.

PLEASE, haha, correct me if I am wrong. I’m obviously not a professional :D, and would appreciate all the help I can get. .-. Please be friendly though :wink:


Generic CAD tip: Most software packages don’t explicitly state units when they spit out data. Look through the various preferences dialogues to see and change what units values are being measured in.


Sounds correct actually. Don’t forget the bearing, axle and response add some weight.


Oh yeah! In my worry I have completely forgot to factor that in :slight_smile:
Thanks for the input ;D