How do you find the weight of titanium. Upon google search, I found that you can find weight for different materials based off of volume.

6061 aluminum: volume2.7=weight in kg
7075 aluminum: volume
2.81=weight in kg
titanium: what is the formula here?

Please help me out, thanks.

simple: weight (grams) = volume (cubic cm) X density (gram/cubic cm)

thus: volume (cubic cm) X 4.5 (gram/cubic cm) = weight (gram)

I believe your formula is for grams, not kg.

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Are my formulas correct?

If they are, then my yoyo I designed weighs 57692.1798g which I know is not accurate.

Your formula looks like it is set up as volume * density, which as jhb pointed out is the correct formula, but you have to make sure your units are correct. It sounds like either you interpreted a result of 57.7 g as 57.7 kg (i.e. 57,700 g), or possibly used the wrong units for volume. If you use cubic mm or cubic inches or something other than cubic cm for volume, then you’ll need to use a different number for density. What is the volume of your design?

I get what I did wrong. I was using cubic mm for the volume and not cm. Problem solved, thanks.