Help w/colorway name

Parlay ____________ colorway

I picked this beautiful Parlay up a few moons ago and I lost the information due to my lack of discipline in writing down throw dusts and information.
Do any of the yo-yo people know this colorway name? Thank you for your help.

Thank you everyone have a great rest of the weekend


Looks like it might be one of the custom Parlays made for Static Co?



Wow thank you. The middle one, gray with silver splash is called Stonewasher I do not know the names of the others.

One Drop has albums on Flickr, if you got to the Parlay album you will find the picture posted above. In the information of the pictures it gives you the discription and colorway names.

It looks like theses were for Static Co and the colorway was called Aaron

The date information is usually around the release date.

I believe the gold and blue StaticCo colorway is called “Mega Shock” , they have used it on several models.

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This is a Static Co Wave in the Mega Shock colorway.