Help! Trouble with my Whip


After about a week of usage, my yyf whip has become responsive and sleeps for barely any time, I can’t even finish cold fusion. I tried brain lube cause thats all I have but it just made it worse. Do I have to buy thin lube and is there anything I can do to it while I wait? Any other appliances I could find around the house as thin lube?help!!!


Clean it out with dish soap, spin it around, then rinse while spinning it until all suds are gone, then dry it out with computer duster or a hair dryer.


It sounds counterintuitive, but adding any sort of lube (thin or thick) will actually make a bearing spin slower. Your best bet would be to deshield and clean the bearing (instructions here:,871.0.html)



How do you deshield


It should be in the guide, I’m bad at explaining so I won’t bother, but if not some skateboard bearing use the same system so their should be a number of videos online.