Whip Becoming responsive!

Help my whip is becoming responsive! Ive had it for over a month and ive never had this problem till now! I dont knowwhat to do ive tried changing the string and it dosent help at all :o

First- don’t panic, this happens all the time to everyone
Second- Remove the bearing shields then clean the bearing in Acetone, mineral spirits, lighter fluid, or anything of that sort.
Third- Blow the bearing out with canned air after the cleaning
Fourth- Put the shields back on your bearing
Fifth- Throw, and have fun!

Thanks but i would rather have not clean my bearing would lubehelp or is this the only way?

Odds are debris has found its way into your bearing and cleaning/replacing is the answer. Check your response pads while you are in there.

thanks but how long shold i leav it in the mineral spirits and how do i take off the shields?

You can pop the shields off by using an x-acto. There’s a thin sort of c shaped clip holding the shield in, if you look closely you’ll see where the open part of the C is in the clip. Just pop one edge of that clip toward the center of the bearing and it will pop off.

It takes a while to get used to doing it. My first time I think I had to stop for a while in frustration, but I eventually got used to it and now can pop them off without going to my calmdown chair hardly at all.

Soaking in mineral spirits, or whatever you prefer, I like acetone, both work, I do 10 minutes.
Swish the Bearing around a bit a couple of times during that time.
I use a chopstick. If you’re using acetone don’t use a pencil unless you want to experiment with the effects of dissolved pencils on bearings. Same goes for any plastic.

Make sure you give the bearing plenty of time to dry after on a cloth or paper towel.

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Take off the shields, swish in mineral spirits for about 5 min. Pull out and blow air through it. Can air works ok if it doesn’t leave a residue. Air compressor is better but make sure your holding the bearing good and don’t get too close. you can put lube back in it after abiut 5 min of air dry and blowing it out. Put the Shields back on and enjoy. And yes this must be done or you need to buy a new bearing BUT if you clean it out then you will be working with a broken in bearing which is best. If you buy new, you have to break it in again. Sum up. Clean it!

thanks every one ithink i have enough info to do what i need to do thanks for your help :slight_smile:

Lube is only going to make the yoyo more responsive. The only way to fix this issue is to remove the bearing, remove the shields from the bearing and clean it out. There must be some debris such as string lint inside the bearing which is slowing it down and increasing the response. Don’t be afraid to clean the bearing. The majority of us do it regularly and whether you do it now or later on it is part of the upkeep process of the yoyo.

Not to say your situation is the same as mine, but in my kid’s Protostar and 2 ProZ’s, he got hair inside the bearing. No doubt from playing at the barber college.

I took the bearing out, de-shielded it, pulled the hair and it was fine. Just to be safe I cleaned them and blew them out as well.

I suggest you do the same thing. I think something worked its way past the shields and still managed to get inside(often around the inner race). Once blown out and cleaned, it should be like new!

A quote from a comment on my facebook from an experanced thrower:

“I’ve been cleaning a lot of bearings recently, and then Fjh Terrapin treating them using the Dry Play stuff. It’s like magic pixie dust for bearings. He claims it makes the bearing spin faster and/or longer. It does. I took a completely greased up Duncan A-sized bearing and it’s spinning 15+ seconds now on a flick. I cleaned some YY bearings from some low-cost YYJ throws and they are spinning 22-24 seconds on a flick. Before Terrapin X treating them after cleaning them in mineral spirits and then aceton, the A-bearings were spinning 8-10 seconds, and the C-sized bearings around 12 seconds. The stuff works!!”

FB address Fjh Terrapin

sometimes buying all those supplies ( paint thinner, acetone, lube) costs morethan $10. maybe you should just buy a new whip for that price

or a center trac bearing/konkave

he gonna have to clean bearings in his life again, he might as well just buy the supplies now

That seems vaguely familiar for some reason…

Thank you to every one and I think I will clean the bearing out it seems like the better thing to do rather than buying a new bearing or whip thanks for everyone’s help in this topic