Help/Tips on "overhand" slack


Just getting into more slack tricks.  Any tips on doing a, what I’d call, overhand slack?  Much like what Chris is doing in this video?  It feels SO unnatural, and the times I’ve tired I almost killed myself when the yoyo came flying at my head haha  “Underhand” slacks are fine for me, much like you’d do with brent stole or any hooks, just cant seem to get them the opposite way.


The way I do it is I turn my palm up and (If you’re right handed) make sure the string goes off of your hand to the right, then tug the yoyo upward to give it some slack and turn your hand over so it faces palm down at the same time as pulling it to the left a bit, creating a semicircular movement with your hand.
Jensen uses a different method in this video, but it’s what I learned from: