help, New Breed keeps spinning out for some reason

for some reason my new breed doesn’t sleep as long as it used to even after cleaning and re-lubing the bearing. I find that even when it has speed, it starts tilting and eventually spins out. Could it be a weight distribution problem? any help is welcome, thanks!

Do you have a strong throw? A stable throw? These are common problems for people. When did you get it? You might have to break it in.

The tilting isn’t caused by the yoyo, its caused by you. You just have to practice more. Also check out this video.

try to place the string in the middle and when i mean the middle it has to be perfectly in the middle and the new breed needs a really strong throw. And also work on your throw try to make it straight.

Check the bearing seat and the bearing. you may have to clean and lube it again.

If the problem is still not resolved, just work on a strong and straight strong. There are many posts here that you could read for tips.