Help me identify this yoyo!


I was looking through my old collection and found this beauty, I believe to be a CLYW


Looks like some version of the Arctic Circle


That would be the Arctic Circle 1- Petr Kavka edition :slight_smile:


Definitely an AC1, Petr Kavka seems like the right anno, but the green doesn’t seem as much of a splash as I’m used to seeing. Still a really nice colorway on a really nice yoyo


just came in. I believe it’s a jackrabbit but maybe I’m wrong. Doesn’t seem to have much pink st all. Possible an ano flaw?


What you have there is different than an ano flaw.

Picture this>>>> you are looking at a family photo. There are 24 people in the photo; you are told. The family is quite attractive. The men are handsome and the women are beautiful. The father looks like Prince Charming and the mother looks just like a princess.

But as you stare at the image; you notice only 23 faces, but you count 24 pairs of feet in the image. What?

You ask the person that handed you the photo, ‘Why do I see more shoes than faces’? Seems there is somebody the family moved to the back to keep them out of the photo?

The person says, ‘Well, in just about every big family; no matter how good looking the family is; there is always one Ugly kid… Might be a boy. Might be a girl. Might just be Ugly’.

… What’s the parallel? Simple. Think of a batch of ano’d yoyos as a big family. A big good looking family. Just about every member of the family is either handsome or beautiful.

…Except that one kid. The one that for whatever reason; just didn’t come out right. Still a good kid. Can do everything that all the other kids are capable of doing.

The kid just came out Uglier than a Mop Bucket in an outhouse.

That kid is your yoyo. That is one Ugly yoyo :scream_cat:
That particular one looks like a reject from a Rorschach Test.

Obviously this is primarily my personal opinion; no doubt. But then again; those two particular halves are so different; I don’t think they should have ever been screwed together.

Two left halves, maybe. Two right halves,perhaps.

But those halves are simply mis-matched.



Best response of all time! And yeah. I def got the ugly one of the bunch. But it is still beautiful.


Geez, that’s a mean family hiding the kid like that.


Nahhh, we do it all the time. :wink:

(rizkiyoist) #10

Wow I didn’t even see it initially, I thought there is nothing wrong with it, maybe some will be bothered by the color which seems faded around the edges on the right side, but then you made me realize that the halves don’t seem to match.

Now I can not unsee.

I thought it was beautiful, now it’s ruined.

I will never invite you to my wedding, if I will ever do, for fear that you will point out that we don’t match :-X


The Jack Rabbit Summits from the very first run looked like that. The pink was faded and kind of silver.


Weigh it and see if it’s heavier (67+ g, I think). I remember the Kavka version being heavier.


There were two Petr kavka editions, I used to have a chief that was a different color than the OP’s. I think they changed annodizers or something along the way.


Ha. Didn’t even realize this was a personal post. Thought it was a communal thread.


lol… Should start a thread about ugly kids (and yoyo halve’s) now! :wink:


I’d like to see you describe a ding in similar fashion.