Help me get the girl.


Ok actually, we kind of hooked up last week already 8)
But still i need your help.

Next week is her birthday and I really want to do something special.
She likes travelling (i met her while travelling actually) so the idea is to have her get wishes from all over the world. I already contacted some people we met on holiday, but I also want some ‘random’ people from all over the world to congratulate her.

Some pointers:
Nationality: the more the merrier, so preferrably not all americans, but as wide a selection of cultures and nationalities as possible. We are from Belgium just so you know.

Language: She understands dutch, french, a bit german and of course english. Also she is learning Portugese, so anyone portugese would be awesome. Anyway, please stick to those languages for the main message. A phrase in your native language is however very much allowed and appreciated.

What should be in it: Just mention your name and nationality, and wish her all the best for her 27th birthday. No need to refer to me. Her name is ‘Griet’ (pronounciation similar to ‘greet’). To make it interesting, please consider a nice landmark as background, or maybe show something funny or special. Anything but yoyoing because she’s seen that already.

Format: A video would be ideal, anywhere between 10 seconds and two minutes. A photograph of you in a nice spot with a cardboard sign or so is also fine with me. As long as I get as much feedback as possible on this.

Specs: Anything goes, pm me with a link, mail me at, put it on youtube, vimeo,… and send me the url, … Whatever. Any resolution, codec or file format that is not extremely rare is fine. I’m decent with a computer so I’ll figure it out.

Deadline is 15th december, but the sooner the better.
Tell your international friends and help me out here.

Thanks guys.


who are you?

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Well I’m new to this forum, but used to be an active member of the yyn forum back in the day. I co-designed the oxy 5 and pioneered in custom anodizing years ago. Not too active on forums anymore though I still pick up a yoyo every once in a while. Seeing that yyn is as good as dead, i thought i’d have more exposure here and i bet some people know who I am.

I do hope this doesn’t lock. If i did break forum policy, please let me know, but I don’t think my question is that outrageous.
I am serious about this though. I don’t care if people think it is silly, she’ll like it and thats what matters.


Most people wouldn’t know who you are lol. A lot more new people on YYE than on YYN. And I don’t see why this would be locked.

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Haha sorry i saiddd that but i thought this was one of those weird things that people do sometimes.

Go introduce yourself in the "Introduce yourself’’ Thread so we can know who you are!


Sorry. :-[ I thought you were one of those weird people who will join the forum just to spam. I do think you have a nice idea. I hope she will like it.


i never said i wasn’t weird :wink:


You. You. You are magic.


In the meantime I got about everything I need. I even found a portugese girl. This wasn’t the only forum I asked this, and things went a lot faster than expected.

thanks guys

I guess since i have an account now i’ll maybe stick around again.



What is this sorcery? You clearly have more than 0 posts…


unrelated posts don’t count, and i thanked you by accident.


Ohhh, Duhh. I don’t know how I forgot that. Thanks.