help me find that "one " string thats right for me

With gator floss not making anymore strings i need a new “string” that fits my likeing
and with me not living next to anybody(except contagon(he uses highlights(i dont quite like highlights)))so i need some new string
i want it to resemble gator floss very closely
and i dont want it to be too expensive
holds suicides very well
and lasts a long time
and bouncy string makes me happy ;D
so please help me out

thanks guys ;D

Chaos 122 or 422 blends. Then you are set! Nothing else compares that I know of.

Yoyojoes multi-colored string. It is it!

Have you tried Gator Floss?

I’m pretty devistated too, I just got some to try and I absolutly love them, but I heard that it was going out of buisiness and I was hurt on the inside… :-[ :frowning:

No… I don’t think I should talk.

type 8 cotton?

haha Hand twisted?

Try Elements! so sad about gator floss…

that is a little expensive… Idk I just buy whatever feels right! You could always try basic poly 8.

NOTE: I have never tried gator floss but any company that has todo with yoyos that goes out of buisness is sad.