gator floss

does anyone know about gator floss? how long, how smooth, how soft?


It’s one of my favorite string types. I believe it comes in at 126 cm’s. I’d actually say it’s more on the rough side texturally. It’s extremely dureable (longest lasting polyester string I’ve ever used) and INCREDIBLE for whips and suicides.

I personally think it’s one of the nicest feeling strings, and it comes in cheaper than anything else like it. Definitely give it a shot!

durable? i like durable… :o is its texture like gstring intentus?

The texture is somewhere along the lines of a new highlight for me…

Gatorfloss is awemazing. The feel is somewhere around G-string intentus but rougher when you start out but the bounce lasts FOREVER. I played mine for 3 days and there’s still a little bit of bounce where after a day my G-string loses bounce what so ever. It softens up a lot so thats a good part and its extramely durable and lasts looooong. I totally recommend buying it.

awesome thanks

How does the gator floss stand up against angel hair?

Gator floss is much softer, not as slick, hold MUCH better tension, and has WAY more bounce.

Where can this be properly acquired, my young gents?

It’s at the One Drop store in packs of ten, for $3.

Angel Hair is and always will be crap compared to Gator Floss.

To everybody else:
To get rid of the bounce I clamp one end of the string to something high and clamp/hang heavy things off the other end. The string stretches over time because of the bounce, so I do this to maintain a consistent string length and also get better throws/binds. This doesn’t ruin the string for me, because each of them usually go for about 3 weeks until I decide that they’re too dirty and ugly.

hows gator floss compared to perfect fit string?

i got 15 for 3 at his site

Paul changed it to $3.50 for 10. Also PF stirng compared to Gatorfloss, NO OFFENCE WHAT SO EVER TO JEREMY!!!:

Gatorfloss has more bounce, holds better string tension, and not as rough IMO.

There is a reason why Gator Floss is the only sponsor for High Speed YoYo. Brett and I both love the product and believe in the string that Paul produces. I refuse to mislead people about a product or put my name behind something that is subpar. Personally, I love the fact that it keeps that “new string bounce” forever. It is durable and great for pretty much all tricks.

I also met Paul at worlds :D.

Yeah, he’s a cool cat.

Gator floss is a great yoyo string company they have great colored string and they have a variety of types of strings as far as cotton 50\50 and polyester goes.