help me choose, please

between these choose the one that has best spin time (during play for extream long combos), ability to move fast and slow, and has great stability. thank you if you read this and thank you very much if you give me a response. choose one and explain why.

clyw sasquatch
yyf supernova
yyf rockstar 2012
yyf genesis

Rockstar 2012 or the Supernova.

i dont think you can compare the sasquatch with all those…

but out of them get a supernova

Based on my direct experience with those YYF yoyos this past month, I would suggest either the Genesis or the 2012 as they provide far more spin and stability than the Supernova. I tried really hard to like the Supernova but it just didn’t make the cut. It looks very cool though. I played the gold one and it looks awesome in the light. But I could not make a buy just on cosmetics alone, so I got the 2012 (which also looks cool) and I am super glad I did as it’s the workhorse in my collection at present. The genesis is also very long spinning so either one of those YYF would be a very safe choice if you decide not to buy the sasquatch.