Help me choose a new monometal

I’m interested in buying a new monometal, just for the fun of trying something new, and having more choices in my rotation, again just for fun. The two that I have and use now are the Null and the Linear. I like them both a lot. The Null is my daily driver, and I use the Linear occasionally since recently getting it. The only reason that I don’t use the Linear more is because it’s beautiful and it’s the most expensive one I own. Though last night while playing with it I told myself I have to stop sweating it and just play with it more regularly.

Not sure I can explain what I like for in a yoyo or why, but here is a short list of the ones that currently interest me. I’m hoping for some help choosing between them:

Most interested in:

  • DD Emotion (might have already bought if the blue/gray fade was available)
  • Pheasant Monometal
  • ZGRT Qi

Also interested in:

  • UNPRLD ReCognition (wondering if this one will feel a bit heavy to me)
  • Recess Little League (I know this one should be in a Sesame Street segment with the song “one of these kids is doing his own thing”)

I’m hoping for some suggestions in my current list. I am not against suggestions outside of this list, but I do already suck at making this sort of decision, so try to go easy one my please!


I have tried every one of those except the Little League.

The Emotion would be my pick of this bunch. It has respectable power but doesn’t play as heavy as the ReCog, and I much prefer its shape to the Pheasant Mono.

The Qi is an odd one for me. It performs good and I really like the shape, but it just plays way too light for my taste. I’m generally biased towards heavier yoyos, but even the 63g Linear works fine for me. I guess the Qi is just a step too far.

Or you could buy another Linear. . . :thinking:


Emotion if you want the comfort in hand. Pheasant if you want to save a couple bucks.

Edit: also don’t let cost get in the way of enjoying your yoyos. If you’re digging the linear, play it. I’ve been doing 5a with a titanium yoyo over my driveway for the last week or so :joy:


Came out last year but is a real refreshing player, and still plenty of stock

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Funny enough, I had considered a second one in a solid colorway that wouldn’t be quite as sad to mess up. If it was a 30-40 dollar yoyo I likely would have done that.

If I don’t take price into consideration, I’m leaning towards the Emotion. It’s a tougher decision to make when the colorway I like isn’t available and it’s the most expensive of the bunch. Especially not having tried any of these to know whether I would prefer it over the others.

For what it is, I think the Emotion is a steal.

I think the Emotion has the best shape of the three (one of my favorites). I find the Pheasant’s shape a bit harsh on the return, especially for a fairly powerful yo-yo. The ReCog is a bit better. But you could pick whichever has the most appealing shape and not be disappointed.

I find that the Emotion’s weight feels a little more balanced than the other two, so you get the spin power but it feels a little more nimble.

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Emotion all the way


I’m still trying to figure out if I like lighter yoyo’s or just happen to like the two I mentioned for other reasons. I didn’t really take weight into consideration until now. The plastics I have are between 65-66g, and I haven’t ever thought about their weights either way.

Thanks, this is really helpful. I should also mention that I am still pretty beginner level. You and others mentioned comfort, which maybe should be a bigger consideration for somebody at my level that might be sloppier on the return.

Density and potential for more extreme weight distribution make a big difference. My POM Mojo (66.7g) plays nothing like any monometal with a comparable weight.

It would be good to know what you’re looking for in a yoyo. If you don’t know and just want to try something else, that’s cool. It helped me to explore the ends of the spectrum of stats to figure out what I like. Almost all yoyos spin well and it’s a matter of taste and preference mostly. I would recommend either a slimline like the Diorama, bc getting a slimmer yoyo and relearning my tricks with it made me way better at yoyo, or a hybrid because I like the weight distro they can give and they’re cheaper than bimetals. All the yoyos on your list crush it and some really good players like them all. There’s no right or wrong way to grab new yoyos. This question is kind of like what everyones favorite ice cream flavor out of these options.

I do think it’s good you’re starting to spin that linear more so you can get more familiar w it and see what you like about it and compare it with what you have already.

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Funny enough, I have felt like my technique is getting worse lately, and I think part of that is because I am using better yoyo’s now that are more forgiving. It makes it easier to pay less attention to being clean. Another factor is that I’ve only been making time to play for a short time before bed each night, so it ends up that I’m just trying to unwind (no pun intended) and have a little fun before calling it a night, rather than focusing on learning.

You’re right in that I don’t really know exactly why I like the yoyo’s that I like so far. At some point I should probably be more adventurous with my choices to learn more about my preferences.

Edit: If there is a pretty cheap slim yoyo that’s decent enough, I’d consider adding it to the order for this next purchase. But the Diorama is definitely above the budget that I’d be willing to experiment with.


Glad to hear you started putting more time in on the linear!


I recently picked up a Top Yo Creater V2, which can be found for under $15. Its a shade wider than the Pano/Dio and 66g (the latter being why it caught my interest). I was not disappointed, though the included bearing was not stellar.


In my non-expert opinion, it truly is an awesome yoyo that deserves more play time!

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I have a pheasant mono and I love it. It’s super solid. I would also suggest a polyform DEMA it’s 55 and insanely good honestly wayy better than the pheasant. I cant speak on the others ur interested in but you can’t go wrong with theses two.

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Wow, I don’t think I’ve heard of the DEMA and I’m not familiar with Polyform in general. But I have to say, that yoyo does look really appealing to me.

I was actually about to say I think I’ve decided on the Emotion before I read your response, but now I’m wondering if I should consider the DEMA as well. If not now, then maybe next time. Yeah, I suck at these sort of decisions, I better not make it even tougher.

I’m putting the DEMA on my mental wish list though, thanks for telling me about it!

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Ok, the decision is in…I’m going to go with the Emotion!

So which colorway? I so badly want the blue/gray fade. It hurts to miss out on that one. I think the red/orange fade is next best. Or is it pink/orange? Seems to look a little different on the DD site vs here on YYE, and is labeled differently too. But I assume they are the same @hobbygod?


More pink for sure

They’re both the same yea.