Help!!!! I need to build a Go-cart

i need to build a go cart for my little bro but i dont know where to start and how to do it! Does anyone know any sites or good tips for building one? Also he is a beginner and he wants a kinda fast one so any tips or help?

get a shopping cart, sit in the cart. Tie a rope to the shopping cart and tie cart to car.
You go.


That’s how my brother died

^ thats how his brother died.

Google it

Honestly, go-carts are for little pathetic dweebs.
Go buy him a unicycle.

Gotta fly.


My friend has a 120 mph go-cart. It’s crazy.

Josh…come one man. At least post something positive every once in a while.


I agree 57%!!! I love unicycles!!!

Im “positive” he should get a unicycle.

And Im confused as to why you say 57% Link?

Good luck though finding out how to make one.


I hope you are really good at welding and with engines. A friend of mine worked on his for 2 years.

He built his frame and mounted a 440cc snowmobile engine. Really wide wheelbase. Loads of fun to pull a sled behind in his field.


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I was going to get into racing go-karts until I saw a guy flip one and landed on his head! Scary stuff.

You can find one used on craigslist.

It depends what kind of go-kart.
the simplest version is taking a long board (long skateboard), replacing the wheels with fatter tires and put the front axle on a swivel (for steering), a stronger-than-average bike chain, a small seat, a weed whacker motor or any small two stroke industrial motor, and a steering mechanism (if you extend the track on the front and back tires, which I highly suggest, the simplest way to steer is to attach two separate bars to the front axle and have them rest in troughs on the side. Its a push/pull method.

These are optional: if you want foot pedals for an accellorator and brake(most people just use the engine idle switch on the motor), use some scrap metal and wire and then configure those into the engine.
As for a more legit steering system, use PBC or PVC pipe.

OR, buy the parts and ask some mechanic.

Before you ask, I wrote all that from memory

And a message to Jayyo: you belong on 4chan along with all the other annoying internet scumbag Steves. you seem to ruin all topics on every post
I am sure LazyMM will agree

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thanks guys

I think you should make your sarcasm a little more apparent, it almost sounds like you’re serious or something…

I kinda am. Jayyo can ruin any topic he starts posting in. He’s a bigger troll than me