Help Finding the Value of a YoYoFactory G5 - Serial No: 00035


I have a YoYoFactory G5 that I am trying to sell that has a really low serial number on it #00035. I am trying to figure out the value of such an item.

I feel like I am asking too if it were just any old G5, but I also feel like the low serial number should be adding to it’s value somewhat. Perhaps I am just marketing it to the wrong audience as a serial number would only be of value to a collector.

Any info, advice or suggestions on this would be greatly appreciated! or if someone can point me in the direction of a forum or site that is more geared towards collectors that would be good as well…

(Chris Allen) #2

It is worth what someone will pay you for it.

Depending on condition and if you have the box, you may get $80-100 from a G5 collector but the average player 40-50.

If you really want to sell it and it is MINT, put it on ebay for $50 starting price. Maybe you will get lucky and two collectors will fight over it.

As for the number… I don’t think it is low enough to warrent a price hike. it was a 1, 5, 55, or 555, maybe, but not #35


If it was a 555 with #555


I own lots of early G5s. None of them are numbered. Can we see a pic of this one?

Edit - Never mind. My eyes are bad. :slight_smile:


What kind of axle does it have? The original ones have a silver axle, with the towers being part of the axle rather then machined into the bodies.
Don’t quote me on this but I think they stopped doing those because if you tightened the yoyo down too much it would mushroom out on either end and trap the bearing on the post.


It is an original for sure. It has a very finely threaded silver axle.


Does it have a fat non threaded part in the center of the axle? like are both ends threaded but not the middle section? That is how the first release was. I think they used silver axles after that as well but the whole thing is threaded. I wish I could find a picture of that darn axle.


So like this?

That’s a different yoyos axle, but that’s the general shape?


yeah its like that.