Help CLYW BVM2 or C3yoyodesign P.Wave


Please help i cant decide what to get


BvM2 one of the best throws currently on the market in my opinion but it depends on your preference , the BvM2 can do pretty much anything well though


what do you mean by BvM2 can do pretty much anything well?


what ever trick you throw at it wether it be horizontal to your basic trapeze it can do it , its a very versatile throw


He means that it can handle horizontal,tech,super long combos, etc. But he does not mean you can do 2a,4a with it. It might not be as good for 3a or 5a. I haven’t tried either, but I saw a p. Wave and it looked nice, but maybe a little big for me…


Oh okay thanks guys for help


It’s all down to personal preference.

Both will be sufficiently stable, long spinning and horizontal ready enough for most people’s liking. I believe the P Wave plays faster than the BVM2 because that’s what Peter Pong intended it to do, but really its simply of what one you like the look of/want more. Either will serve you well. =)


Oh okay