Hello, I'm new here (Returning after 4+ years)


Hello everyone, my name’s Carl. I was into yoyoing back when I was about 13-14 years old. And when I started Middle school, the hobby store where I used to buy my yoyo’s stopped selling 'em and the hobby died. (Also back in those days, my parents wouldn’t let me buy stuff online).

Anyway, I’m 18 now, and I want to get back into yoyoing.

Back in the day I used mostly Yomega Raider’s and Fireball’s and Yoyofactory F.A.S.T. yoyo’s.
But coming back, there’s a lot more variety now (and there was a lot of variety back then, so now it’s even more overwhelming). So I’m not completely sure where to start. Someone said I should start with a ONE. Is that a good yoyo to start with?
And what type of string should I get?
And should I get yoyo tape, or get a glove? (I used tape in the past).

As far as tricks are concerned, I know basics and some intermediate tricks (although I’ll probably have to get back into the groove of it, since it’s been so long).

Any tips/suggestions/critique/criticism is appreciated.

As far as just some more info about me:

I just recently got back into Cubing as well. I play video games (PS3), and browse the internet. I have a job, so I work sometimes. I’m not currently in school, but I plan to start soon. I love watching movies (and I watch a ton of them. So if you want any suggestions, just pick a genre, and I can suggest something. I don’t intentionally watch rom-com’s, though.) I’ve had too many hobbies to count in my life. I listen to a lot of different music (pretty much every genre).
Anything else you want to know, just ask.


Nice to meet ya.
I have a glove and it works just fine.
Advanced, unresponsive play you might want to go with 100% poly, or slick 6 if you’re intermediate.
I’ve never played with a ONE but a good beginner yo is a Duncan Freehand. It comes responsive, with extra parts( including string, cd rom, etc.) It can also be modded to be unresponsive. Not to mention it comes with a counterweight for 5a. I’ve also heard good reviews about the Yoyojam Dark Magic. So glad to meet you and I hoped I helped. ;D


Welcome back to the world of yo-yoing!
The ONE is a good beginner yo-yo for the price and play, and it either comes with a SPEC bearing or a DVD. I’ve haven’t used any of the FH’s so, I don’t know what those are like, but I know the ONE is a pretty good beginner yoyo. As for string, I’d recommend cotton, which you can buy at Toys-R-Us if you need to get some more.Or maybe 50-50 string, you’ll have to buy that online though. Then for the tape, I use Band-Aids, they work well, if you just get the skin color ones and they cost slightly less then the tape. I, personally don’t like wearing gloves, they make my hands sweaty. Once you get your yoyo, what ever you do decide getting, be sure to come back here and check out the tutorials, this is where I learned all my tricks! And if you need any help with a trick, just post a topic on the tricks forum and I’m sure some other members will be happy to help! Hope I helped,


well I have both the yyj dark magic and the yyf whip both I love to death, and my friend has the yyf one. I would definitely recommend the dark magic for beginners I find it has great sleep time and is great for learning new tricks. but if you’re not willing to spend $40, the yyf one is great too it’ll take you to advanced and most of expert. However you’ll probably have alot of trouble once you get to the master section and will have to buy a better throw once you get there anyways, so I would suggest buying something a little higher end now and save the trouble. you definitely want to get lots of extra string (I use 100% poly and I really like it, never used slick 6 though so I couldn’t tell you anything about it), and extra response for whatever yoyo you get.

Some other yoyos that I hear good things about for a decent price are the yyf northstar, protostar, dv888 and whip.


Welcome back to the hobby and I would recommend the YYJ Prelude, YYF ONE, YYJ Dark Magic 2, and any of the other yoyojam plastics. One bad thing about the prelude is if you want to change it to responsive you would have to buy a different bearing. As for string I would use 100% poly.


Thanks guys, I really appreciate it.

I think I’m gonna go with a yyf One. And just get some cotton or polyester string.


i recccomend getting a 100 pack poly yye string, cheap, sturdy and theres 100 of em… also, at the top of the general yoyo board there is a “tips” thread… i strongly suggest you thumb through that… lots of useful info there…

and welcome aboard :wink:


A WHiP is a good choice for beginners, but put a Half Spec in the yoyo.


Remember that most of the time it’s you not the yoyo. Get white string (cheaper, but just as good), ignore most of jayyo’s posts. If your having trouble learning a trick skip it and come back to it later when your ready. Don’t be afraid to spend a lot on the hobby.


Go for a dark magic 2 it comes with a beginning bearing that is responsive and advanced bearing for unresponsive play that will last you until you are amazing


I agree. The DM2 was my first ball bearing yo yo, and coupled with the trick tutorials provided on the website plus the beginners bearing provided it took me all the way to advanced 2 in under 2 months. I use Cotton/poly yellow, because it gives a bit of a glow in the sunlight and lets me see the string better than straight white cotton. At around 45 bucks, its a bit of a spend, but it’ll make you real good with your hands. Quickly too, if you’re willing to put in the practice.

Welcome aboard buddy.


The ONE is a perfect yoyo to start with. I don’t think you need a glove. Go get the ONE, try it out for a while and you’ll figure out what you need and what you don’t. No need to get everything at once.

Oh, but you’ll want polyester string, not cotton.

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Yoyofactory One - Whip

Then Move onto

Yoyofactory Protostar

Then get a Metal / Beat Metal!


Another tip- The dm2 isn’t the only bi-metal!


Welcome back, I think I talked to you in the chat. I’m also returning after about 5 years or so, and just getting back into it. Personally, depending on your skill level, and if you can bind, I’d recommend the YYF Protostar. I’m picking it up today, and have heard nothing but great things. Good luck, and I’m sure I’ll see you in chat. :slight_smile:

Also, check this out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XmE0EGsUH1Y

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That made me laugh so hard…