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The second in the new line of fundaMETAL yo-yos from YoYoFactory has arrived!

Is this Limited like Dv888?

I’ve always wanted an X-ConVict. It’s shape just binds me in some way. And now YYF brings up a yoyo with a shape which actually reminds me of the X-ConVict. I still want an X-ConVict more though, the O-ring response is just more Norway friendly.


to: new releases,

which sleeps longer and is overall you feel better, dv888 or the hectic? ???

Man. YYF has been comming out with yoyos left and right ever since the newer Grind Machine. Now they have the Hectic, DV888, Splash eight8eight, Hard Coat DV888, New PGM, New GM. I’m sure theres more!

Don’t forget the firedog.


It looks “thinner”

i got to get a Superstar first…man I got a lot of catching up to do lol…


yea, i play a superstar now. Its great, but Hectic has a nice thin looking profile. Looks better for hitting those tight spots. Bet you could do a quad or nothing on your pointer fingers.

Yeah, I’ll give it to you that it looks like a slick yo-yo.

The New Breed called, though. Says it wants it’s 50’s-inspired pastel science kitsch back.


Don’t get too hyped up about the Hectic, I tried one at BAC , and it wasn’t YYF’s best creation :-\

Personal preference my friend, personal preference.