Heavy dubstep

Post your heaviest dubstep songs here. Mine are Deviance by Excision and DatsiK, 50 caliber by Funtcase, Execute by Excision, Existence VIP by Excision, and Fire Hive by Knife Party.

It honestly doesnt get heavier, just sayin.


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Matta - Oracle

Tipper - Jook (more glitch-hop than dubstep but its still heavy and awesome)

www.youtube.com/watch?v=hxkNRYHIL_U <------ beware of bad words in lyrics

possibly my favorite dubstep song

www.youtube.com/?v=JRftXCiqfQ8 <----- clean lyrics, dont worry

quite a popular song, and not full blown dubstep, but awesome anyways!

Existence VIP is pretty epic.

rocket fuel by liquid stranger

Anything excision. This is a little old school…But Caspa is great!