heavy cream, yuuksta, severe 09, 888 and singularity 215 shipped

i am going to do this bst a little differently
i am going to take offers on this stuff for a while and will choose the highest offer
offer whatever you want for my stuff and ill see if i like it

singularity: few marks shown in picutre tiny vibe and comes with a kk

milk 2%: few marks that i couldn’t photograph and needs to be tuned

heavy cream: purple splash with a big vibe
silver with purple splash
wooly marmot: satined on outside and anno’d on the inside still smooth
i will polish the whole yoyo before shipping if you want

09 888: raw outside with blue inside still smooth

yuuksta: green blue with one flatspot that doesnt beak anno
severe 09: blue acid wash with 3a marks
slight vibe

anything else will probably be ignored

how much the yuuksta and the severe

Pics for the severe please.