lots of stuff inside. peak, marmot, avant garde, ilyy falcon, genesis, and more

Offer up. i am open to anything as far as trades go. i just want to try new yoyos and these dont seem to get enough play from me anymore. So i figure its time to pass them on to a new home.

Add about $5 to the prices to cover shipping

So here is my bst
Now Accepting Money!!!


All Prices can be negotiated. Feel Free to offer whatever amount you want.

I have:

YYF Preproduction Avant Garde: Has Three little dings, Great player.  $90

Green candy blasted  ILYY falcon: Mint, Smooth, all around great player $100 $110

CLYW SEBBY PEAK: 3 marks, plays great… its a peak OFFER

Clyw Canada crest marmot: three white marks in the ano. Nice playing, hard to find. $110 $120

Onedrop code1: 100% mint yellowish orange with a black splash, nice and smooth. Comes with black code 1 side effects.

YYF green acidwash 09 genesis: 4 small dings, still plays great. $70 $80

S’not Werrd poo: minty, Very nice yoyo, smooth player and beautiful colorway. $80

Crucial milkshake: Mint, i took out the o-rings it came with and siliconed it, plays great now. $70 $80

Hspin Beysick purple 3x3 edition: Very nice yoyo, Mint, ano came with flaws though. $30 $40

Spyy punchline Green with blue splash: Not mint at all, has little marks that dont break the ano around the rims, but only one ding. Great player, nice and smooth. OFFER

Pink onedrop m1: Counterweight marks all around the middle, Dings around the edges, Super smooth nice fun little yoyo. This is the pad version. $40 $50

Zeekio Tempest:Little damage here and there worst is pictured $40 $50

Green YYJ Legacy: mint came from yyj with a vibe to it. still plays great if you look past the vibe. $15 $20

Blue Prepro yyj Go Big: Had problems with the solid spin axle system so it wont play without shims. No caps. $15 $20

Orange YYF StarBrite: has these little mold marks that you see but cant feel plays great. $15

Satined YYF Protostar Blue Green :MINT  Offer

yyj speed maker orange: mint shaved o ring half starburst

yyj lyn fury green and black: mint siliconed no caps

yyf 2009 44 clash severe: a bit of damage on the rims nice playing Offer

Duncan modfather fhzs blue x2: mint satined reshaped to a shape similar to the freebird. Amazing for 3a. not for sale

Yyf 401k red: one or two flat spots Not for sale

yyf neon orange pgm:one little scuff. plays great $20 $30

Dude 1 bumb per day, not 3. Thanks!

Dietz and code1 added, Sasquatch gone. New things added.

Wants added

what do u want for the 44clash severe

Offer on it

hey I got a beat 888x and a near mint boss also give a 50 dollars for the m1 and burside plz text me 9702709836 think about it lol alos will throw in a counter attack for the onedrops thnks ;D

no thanks